Startup idea: CodeRescue

As a software engineer working with established best practices and scaling solutions for enterprise projects built with WP – I often got super angry hearing stories of individuals who have trusted their web site/app/platform to development teams who simply create horribly complex systems, hundreds of competing plugins and incompatible themes with WordPress.

The openness of WordPress is both its strongest strength and its weakest weakness – as anyone can jump in and get something working quickly.

However I have heard horror stories of massive agencies here, doing the bare minimum or implementing spaghetti code for a premium price – ultimately leaving customers, budding entrepreneurs or hobbyists high and dry.

Enter CodeRescue

A collective of developers who give a fixed amount of time to rescuing those who have been left with a shit fuck stack of WP spaghetti and are either stuck with complexity or unable to scale upwards.

Each quarter, we take the most worthy candidate and unpack their tech stack – make recommendations and roll out an MVP of improvements in combination with business leaders, client teams and other specialists to give the control back to the end user.

This is an inclusive process, and starts with a kick-off meeting to gather all the good bits needed to deliver delight.

Once the improvements are done and deployed, the client can either donate a payment to the collective or simply pay nothing.

The collective rinses and repeats accepting new projects, engineers and experts each quarter.

Like this idea?

Take it and run with it if you like it. As an engineer I love giving back, but time doesn’t allow it. However a hack project every other quarter? Could be many of us out there who are interested.