Adding a few things to my WP Toolkit

Watching videos always fills me up with joy and excitement about my future of my WordPress career.

What has really got me excited is a little secret project I am working on proofing for my peep’s back home to make rolling WP sites really easy – because I know many people whom still find dual-monitors exciting.

Here are a collection of plugins that have just made my day:

  1. MetaSlider (Free & Premium): This was a ‘happy find” as it was supported by the following plugin – but MetaSlider allows you to easily load up sliders using 4 different types (Nivo, Responsive, Flex and Coin sliders). Super easy to setup and generates either shortcodes or template tags for easy use — lets just say, this is quickly going to replace my twitter carousel in the future.
  2. Page Builder Plugin (Free):
    Fundamentally going to change how I build themes. Page Builder allows you to build custom page layouts on a per-page basis. It populates designated areas with any WP widget, so as a bonus – I get to make new widgets for PB, but it also incorporates MetaSlider above…. This gives users all the power of designers now.
  3. WP-Help Plugin (Free):
    Allows WP themes / installers to give documentation to users from Within WordPress Admin area, so once a customer logs in – they can always find the tutorials / help documentations you have prepared for them.

If all this is sounding a little excitable – its because they are all inspired by this talk: Jared Novack – 17,170,200 Websites in 6 Months.

Mood: Stupid excited!

Why I’m starting to use PHPUnit and Unit Testing

After working on my recent app logic, I realised that I’d spend most of the day manually testing values were working being returned correctly – as my math is horrible, that was a task only made even more ridiculous with an 11″ screen and swapping between windows / desktops!

I’ve been looking into my workflow and while working with WordPress + Core, there was no real reason to start unit testing. After building just a few lines of code with pure PHP – I’ve realised that is a terribly inefficient part of my workflow.

While already using Grunt and working on my work flow – next week is PHPUnit Time.

Suhosin on ZPanel and Centos 6.5

Just a quick intro to write about later: I’ve been having some problems with wordpress asking for FTP credentials when installing plugins and themes via the admin area.

I’ve used composer to install the required initial plugins via SSH / CLI, but I keep forgetting this is an issue. Once I look at it and resolve it, I’ll post the findings here.

Laravel, MCRYPT and OSX

So today I am totally over using Mac OS X built in Apache server. I initially used MAMP, but when playing with Laravel – I couldn’t get PHP MCRYPT enabled to use artisan / composer in the terminal.

After updated and installing MCRYPT on my local version of Apache, I was burdened with creating virtual hosts every project. It seems that as much as I try to automate, I make more work.

Not giving up – it turns out  the issue was my bash_profile is looking at the wrong version of PHP. It was looking at the installed with OSX version when MAMP already has it installed.

More information is here: – omg thank the internets.