Rabbit holes and why they are fun

Recently I’ve been exploring different tech stacks and communities. I’ve gone somewhat deeper in to Laravel framework and it’s community / core libraries.

Getting ever the more curious about shiny new things I’ve jumped into backstop.js and exploring visual regression and automated testing.

These things have always been somewhere in the back of my mind but the initial exploration comes from simply being curious.

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Startup Idea: Positive Change

Make a positive change, by rounding up your digital transactions to the nearest dollar and donating it to charity.

Ultimately, this idea could scale up to complete transactional data from bank accounts so users are donating automatically from their true account data. Some banks already do this and store the excess amount into a savings account.

Calculation options:

  • Bank sync like mint.com, wave.com or zero automation with bank data.
  • Integration with PoS (standard and ecommerce) to capture at transactional levels.
  • Integration with payment gateways like PayPal or stripe.

People like the idea of donating, but too often charities attempt to place donees on a subscription model. Positive Change takes the hassle out of donations, by handling donations automatically or via vendor opt-in.

Donees either donate and forget, or sign up for an account to track donations, select their preferred charities and even print out annual tax rebate forms.

Image and idea released under Creative Commons license but honestly – this idea is nothing new, pass it forward!

2020: More posts promised

My dear friend Ralf Klis decided to start blogging daily this year over at https://ralfklis.com/.

After 20 days, in 2020 I figured this could be super useful.

The useful thing is, he’s not just writing about WP and tech, but covers startup ideas, ecology, the harder questions and some weirdly specific Ralf things.

My biggest hesitation with writing to date was trying to fit everything into a WP bubble of content – the reality is, WP is ultimately such a minor time spend for me and dedicating an entire blog to it is just limiting.

It’s also just nice to maybe shake out of the social media, user tracking bullshit and keep some thoughts off the digital grid so to speak.

If you are here for WordPress or web development topics – I’ll still be writing em, but under specific categories. You ain’t missing shit though, last post was 3 years ago – and it’s no longer valid or published.