Mindful measuring

Finding focus and prioritising the things you spend your time is a trait I’m not so strong at. Everyone is attracted to the new shiny thing, and I definitely love new and shiny things.

It is useful to pick a thing that is most important and spend time on that thing, moving the goal closer to completion whenever you make time to work on it.

This is almost like a contract, in that – I agree that, right now, this is the most important thing to spend my time on.

Even writing this post was a priority juggling act, but at some point I mindfully decided we are posting something today.

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Stock photos for lazy people

I love scrolling Instagram and Facebook looking at peoples photos and their wonderful windows into their life (or the window we are allowed to peer into with permission).

However, I don’t like taking, being in or managing photos. So I had a look at some stock libraries that could find me some photos to use within WordPress posts for the year.

For the record, I’m 💯 okay with the perception of stock images being trash in the web world.
The images used so far are just text searchable from Unsplash via a plugin – but they serve the purpose and bring colour to the blog.

If you want to be really lazy, grab this article and see what fits you best – written by Kinsta, it shows a few ways you can stay in WP and use stock libraries https://kinsta.com/blog/wordpress-stock-photos/

Remember – lazy is often efficiency in disguise.