Four months on..

It’s been a fairly hectic four months, but honestly – it’s felt like much less and much more time since joining a new position as Head of Technology @ FutureLab Digital. So I’ll summarise a few highlights: Working with New Zealander’s. We kiwi’s are an interesting bunch. Most meetings and interactions are hyper positive and… Continue reading Four months on..

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The importance of Splore

You’ll just have to be there to find out – see you at Splore #infiniteValues

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Startup idea: CodeRescue

As a software engineer working with established best practices and scaling solutions for enterprise projects built with WP – I often got super angry hearing stories of individuals who have trusted their web site/app/platform to development teams who simply create horribly complex systems, hundreds of competing plugins and incompatible themes with WordPress. The openness of… Continue reading Startup idea: CodeRescue

Rabbit holes and why they are fun

Recently I’ve been exploring different tech stacks and communities. I’ve gone somewhat deeper in to Laravel framework and it’s community / core libraries. Getting ever the more curious about shiny new things I’ve jumped into backstop.js and exploring visual regression and automated testing. These things have always been somewhere in the back of my mind… Continue reading Rabbit holes and why they are fun

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Mindful measuring

Finding focus and prioritising the things you spend your time is a trait I’m not so strong at. Everyone is attracted to the new shiny thing, and I definitely love new and shiny things. It is useful to pick a thing that is most important and spend time on that thing, moving the goal closer… Continue reading Mindful measuring

What and why: Coding standards

During my day job with Human Made we build sites at scale for enterprise clients – with WordPress as the CMS. Our team and clients are based all over the world, being completely remote. Our engineers find themselves on multiple projects each year and coding standards have a huge part to play in making transitions,… Continue reading What and why: Coding standards

Startup Idea: Positive Change

Make a positive change, by rounding up your digital transactions to the nearest dollar and donating it to charity. Ultimately, this idea could scale up to complete transactional data from bank accounts so users are donating automatically from their true account data. Some banks already do this and store the excess amount into a savings… Continue reading Startup Idea: Positive Change

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