2020: More posts promised

My dear friend Ralf Klis decided to start blogging daily this year over at https://ralfklis.com/.

After 20 days, in 2020 I figured this could be super useful.

The useful thing is, he’s not just writing about WP and tech, but covers startup ideas, ecology, the harder questions and some weirdly specific Ralf things.

My biggest hesitation with writing to date was trying to fit everything into a WP bubble of content – the reality is, WP is ultimately such a minor time spend for me and dedicating an entire blog to it is just limiting.

It’s also just nice to maybe shake out of the social media, user tracking bullshit and keep some thoughts off the digital grid so to speak.

If you are here for WordPress or web development topics – I’ll still be writing em, but under specific categories. You ain’t missing shit though, last post was 3 years ago – and it’s no longer valid or published.

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