Google Pagespeedin’

Clients often ask about increasing page speed. Normally however, those who are interested in Pagespeed already load tonnes of  analytic, tracking and optimising scripts – which naturally add HTTP requests to each page load.

On my own site though, there is no such shizzle going down – just a handful of plugins, multisite and a single DO Droplet

Let’s do this!

  • W3TC caching plugin

  • Cloudflare CDN

  • Lets handle images ( bah, Cloudflare’s got this )


Initial Google Pagespeed

Enabling Object and Memcache via W3TC

Wasn’t expecting too much improvement here on the front-end from page speed.. and got exactly that 🙂 Results were identical. I’ve since removed the W3TC plugin as I’m fairly certain Batcache and Memcache are added by default when using RTCAMP’s env setup.

Adding a CDN

Next step is a CDN – a free one,

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