Why the $10 minimum EFTPOS charge makes me hate you.

Many Boutique, cafes, bakeries, small shops etc  in Brisbane have a sign upon the till that reads:

$10 minimum purchase or a 50 cent surcharge  with EFTPOS / electronic payment .

Typically I will look at the sign and politely place my order (which on purpose is less than $10) and when prompted about the minimum charge, I’ll act surprised and say – “Oh no, thats okay – I won’t take anything, thank you” and casually walk out of the store.

There are 3 things this sign says to me:

1. We brought an EFTPOS machine, but you (customer) will have to pay for it

I know you brought an EFTPOS machine, but it can’t cost more than $30-80 a month. Forcing me to spend more is not something I do because I have to, its something I’ll do because I like what you are selling and/or I am absolutely happy with the service.
Add the cost of EFTPOS into your normal pricing structure.

2. I really don’t value customers

This is a big one. I am a paying customer – I chose your store, from the thousands of other options and I have taken time to read your menu, choose what I like and enjoy the surroundings. Everything you’ve done with the place is amazing and I am so excited to be here… oh wait, as soon as I see that sign, my attitude shifts from “I love this place” to “Another hurdle to jump through, I’m out of here”.

3. Everyone else does it, so it’s okay.

Here’s the rub – I’m in your store, I like what I see, everything you’ve done to get a ‘new customer’  into your store has worked. Until I see the $10 minimum charge notice above your till. Until this very moment – I was your customer, but now I am considering everybody else.

Here’s my piece of advice:

I don’t care what or why you charge whatever it is you charge for a minimum purchase on EFTPOS, but I want you to know – that when I see it, I’m already considering leaving your store. Make it easy for me to spend money in your shop, reward me for being loyal and choosing you over the competition. Remove the unnecessary hurdle this creates and lets enjoy our transaction together.  I really want to be here … as your consumer.

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