I’m new here…

So I’ve been scrawling through a host of mini web related projects on my quest to move up the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition towards expert PHP / WordPress developer. A journey which apparently takes 10 years to complete.

Although it is a long time, I have decided to make that commitment – because learning and creating is a truly rewarding aspect of life. The best part is, after ten years my little brothers and sister’s will be my age now and I can bring them along for the journey – for what is learning when you do not teach?

So here we are, a ten year dedication project to blogging about my experiences, tricks tid-bits and Dreyfus journey. Expert status may be a while away, but I’m keen to level up.

A quick state of the nation:

  • Automated generators:  Let’s start again, but faster?”.
    Starting projects is a pain. Hopefully less, thanks to Grunt, Composer and Github.
  • 100 Little Things:  “The little things you explore, might help you one day.”
    This will be a list of 100 snippets, experiments and projects which will be used to jumpstart my learning process. Made up of HTML / JS / CSS / PHP / CLI.
  • Strong words: “A promise held to those who listen”.
    I’m going to promise now that in ten years this post is gonna be closed with a “nailed it!” type comment.

I’m really keen to plan this out and even gamify the learning process. Time to get started, right after this quick nap..

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