Laravel, MCRYPT and OSX

So today I am totally over using Mac OS X built in Apache server. I initially used MAMP, but when playing with Laravel – I couldn’t get PHP MCRYPT enabled to use artisan / composer in the terminal.

After updated and installing MCRYPT on my local version of Apache, I was burdened with creating virtual hosts every project. It seems that as much as I try to automate, I make more work.

Not giving up – it turns out  the issue was my bash_profile is looking at the wrong version of PHP. It was looking at the installed with OSX version when MAMP already has it installed.

More information is here: – omg thank the internets.


I’m new here…

So I’ve been scrawling through a host of mini web related projects on my quest to move up the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition towards expert PHP / WordPress developer. A journey which apparently takes 10 years to complete.

Although it is a long time, I have decided to make that commitment – because learning and creating is a truly rewarding aspect of life. The best part is, after ten years my little brothers and sister’s will be my age now and I can bring them along for the journey – for what is learning when you do not teach?

So here we are, a ten year dedication project to blogging about my experiences, tricks tid-bits and Dreyfus journey. Expert status may be a while away, but I’m keen to level up.

A quick state of the nation:

  • Automated generators:  Let’s start again, but faster?”.
    Starting projects is a pain. Hopefully less, thanks to Grunt, Composer and Github.
  • 100 Little Things:  “The little things you explore, might help you one day.”
    This will be a list of 100 snippets, experiments and projects which will be used to jumpstart my learning process. Made up of HTML / JS / CSS / PHP / CLI.
  • Strong words: “A promise held to those who listen”.
    I’m going to promise now that in ten years this post is gonna be closed with a “nailed it!” type comment.

I’m really keen to plan this out and even gamify the learning process. Time to get started, right after this quick nap..

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!